Schema Release v0.6.0a10

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version 0.6.0a9 (Jan 23, 2016)

  • Remove feature_id from ExpressionLevel and added ability to search by Name field. #818 Impacts
  • POST /expressionlevels/search
  • GET /expressionlevels/{id}
  • Added support for BigWig files in a new Continuous Data object #802 Adds the following new endpoints:
  • Continuous Data: POST /continuoussets/search
  • Continuous Data: GET /continuoussets/{id}
  • Continuous Data: POST /continuous/search
  • Add deep set/get attr to protocol module #816
  • Changed ontology term “id” to “term_id” #805 Impacts the message type OntologyTerm
  • Replaced info fields with rich type Attributes fields #700 Impacts the following message types:
  • TranscriptEffect
  • VariantAnnotation
  • Individual
  • Biosample
  • Experiment (new)
  • Analysis (new)
  • Dataset
  • ReadGroup
  • ReadGroupSet
  • ReadAlignment
  • Reference
  • ReferenceSet
  • RnaQuantificationSet
  • RnaQuantification
  • ExpressionLevel
  • Feature
  • VariantSetMetadata
  • CallSet
  • Call
  • Variant
  • Add ability to list and join peer server networks #760 Adds the following new endpoints:
  • Peer: POST /peers/list
  • Peer: POST /peers/announce
  • Peer: GET /info
  • Replace NCBI taxon ID integer with ontology term #699  Impacts the following message types:
  • Reference
  • ReferenceSet
  • Add instructions for viewing the UML diagram #835
  • Expand on schema usage instructions #786
  • Expand on release process documentation #753
  • Automatically deploy tagged releases to PyPi from Travis #825
  • Add tests to verify constraints files #817
  • Continued effort to separate out common methods

Schema Release v0.6.0a9

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version 0.6.0a8 (Oct 26, 2016)

  • Fixed bugs:    * Fixed typo in get: /v0.6.0a8/variantannotationset/{variant_annotation_set_id}    *
  • Fix to be able to handle VCFs with genotype == ./.
  • Upgrade to use protobuf release 3.1
  • Introduced a pip installable schemas package called ga4gh-schemas. We have also created pip installable packages for a support library called ga4gh-common    and a client library module called ga4gh-client.
  • Introduced a schemas package release to Maven Central. We will be posting regular ga4gh packages for each official schema release to Maven going forward.
  • Changed the name of the biosample terms to track be consistent with the use of camel-case and the underscore character.
  • Added a new schema visualization tool to create UML diagrams from the schemas. The new diagrams can be viewed on the Schemas page in the Read The Docs documents.

Schema Release v0.6.0a8

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version 0.6.0a7 (Aug 19, 2016)

  • Introduced G2P API endpoints including the following:
  • POST /phenotypeassociationsets/search
  • POST /phenotypes/search
  • POST /featurephenotypeassociations/search
  • Add biometadata to RNA quantifications
  • Add protobuf based HTTP annotations

Schema Release v0.6.0a7

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version 0.6.0a6 (Jul 25, 2016)

Introduced RNA API endpoints including the following:

  • POST /rnaquantificationsets/search
  • GET /rnaquantificationsets/{id}
  • POST /rnaquantifications/search
  • GET /rnaquantifications/{id}
  • POST /expressionlevels/search
  • GET /expressionlevels/{id}

Schema Release v0.6.0a6

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version 0.6.0a5 (Jun 20, 2016) NOTE: release notes have not been updated for several versions.

  • Metadata section added
  • Now support searching features by ‘name’ and ‘gene_symbol’

Schema Release v0.6.0a5

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version v0.6.0a4 (Apr 7, 2016)

First Protocol Buffers (protobuf v3.0.0) version of the GA4GH API. Same set of features (messages, endpoints) as previous alpha release.

IMPORTANT: The switch from AVRO to protobuf in this pre-release will break compatibility with all client applications written against the previous AVRO schema version.

Schema Release v0.6.0a4

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version v0.6.0a3 (Mar 1, 2016)

Introduced Sequence Annotations API record types (FeatureSet and Feature) and associated endpoints POST featuresets/search GET featuresets/<id> POST features/search GET features/<id>

Schema Release v0.6.0a3

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version v0.6.0a2 (Feb 24, 2016)

Changed properPlacement in Reads API to improperPlacement (defaults to False), corrected documentation on variation annotation and dateTime format.

Schema Release v0.6.0a2

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version v0.6.0a1 (Dec 15, 2015)

Added Variant Annotations draft API

Schema Release v0.6.0a1

Changes to ga4gh/schemas master branch since version v0.5.1 (Oct 2, 2014)

Pervasive changes

Renamed all protocols and records to remove the “GA” prefix from their names. (Hence GASearchVariantSetsRequest is now SearchVariantSetsRequest, etc.)
The exception is GAException, which is unchanged.

There is no longer one unitary namespace. Objects now reside in “org.ga4gh.models”, methods in “org.ga4gh.methods”.

Updated the version number to 0.6.0a1.

Changes visible to API clients


Dataset is now utilized throughout the API.

New methods, HTTP endpoints:
  • getDataset via GET datasets/<id>
  • searchDatasets via POST /datasets/search
  • getReadGroupSet via GET /readgroupsets/<id>
  • getReadGroup via GET /readgroups/<id>
  • getVariant via GET /variants/<id>
  • getVariantSet via GET /variantsets/<id>
  • getCallSet via GET /callsets/<id>
New and modified entities:
  • New record type ExternalIdentifier introduced.
  • New record type ReadStats now optionally part of a returned ReadGroup or ReadGroupSet object.
  • Position record type now specifies strand via new enum Strand (in place of boolean reverseStrand).
Field default values:
  • SearchReadsRequest.start as passed into /reads/search is optional and no longer defaults to 0.
  • Boolean fields in ReadAlignment as returned from /reads/search now default to null instead of false.
Field types:
  • SearchVariantSetsRequest as passed into /variantsets/search now takes a single dataset ID, not an array.
  • SearchCallSetsRequest as passed into /callsets/search now takes a single variant set ID, not an array.
  • SearchReferenceSetsRequest as passed into /referencesets/search changed two parameters from arrays to singletons:
    • md5checksum
    • accession
New fields:
  • SearchReferencesRequest passed into /references/search now accepts a referenceSetId parameter.
  • SearchVariantsRequest passed into /variants/search now takes a variantSetId parameter.
  • SearchReadsRequest passed into /reads/search now includes readGroupIds.
  • SearchReadGroupSetsRequest passed into /readgroupsets/search takes a datasetId.
  • ReferenceSet returned from /references/search now includes a name.
  • VariantSet returned from /variants/search adds name and reference set ID fields.
  • ReadGroup returned from /readgroups/<id> adds stats.

Changes internal to Schemas, documentation and organization


  • src/main/resources/avro/beacon.avdl
  • Files designated “Work In Progress” (“wip”):
    • src/main/resources/avro/wip/metadata.avdl
    • src/main/resources/avro/wip/metadatamethods.avdl
    • src/main/resources/avro/wip/variationReference.avdl


Moved GAException to methods.avdl.


Using Doxygen to generate HTML documentation from schema (*.avdl) files.


  • How the field is interpreted.
  • The meaning of
  • Reference, ReferenceSet docs.

Updated to describe the latest contribution rules.

Moved to doc/. now includes information about the Metadata Task Team.


Added tests to ensure Maven processes the schemas into a jar file successfully, and that we can compile the schemas into Python.