References API

See References schema for a detailed reference.

References Data Model

A genome assembly is a digital representation of a genome. It is typically composed of contigs, each an uninterrupted string representing a DNA sequence, arranged into scaffolds, each of which orders and orients a set of contigs. Scaffolds are typically represented as a string, with runs of wildcard characters (N or n) used to represent interstitial regions of uncertain DNA between contigs.

A reference genome is a genome assembly that other genomes are compared to and described with respect to. For example, sequencing reads are mapped to and described with respect to a reference genome in the API, and genetic variations are described as edits to reference scaffolds/contigs. In the API a reference genome is described by a ReferenceSet. In turn a ReferenceSet is composed of a set of Reference objects, each which represents a scaffold or contig in the assembly. Reference sequences are expected to have unique names within a ReferenceSet. .. _ga4gh: .. _ga4gh_dwg: .. _ga4gh_api: